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UNIPRESS - new standards in pressfit technology

Thanks to UNIPRESS we are setting new standards and affirming our high level of innovation that our customers profit from directly. Many years of experience, millions of punched products and outstanding tool construction expertise enable us to realise previously unattained product properties with this contacting technology.

In comparison to conventional soldering technology, pressfit technology is without doubt the future. A pressfit pin is hereby pressed into the through connection of a conductor plate, which warps elastically. The diagonal of the pin cross-section is hereby larger than the diameter of the hole in the conductor plate – resulting in a solderless, gastight and corrosion-free electrical connection.

For decades, the Unimet Group has successfully developed and produced flexible UNIPRESS contact parts with various warped zones. This means that significantly lower press-in forces are required, the through connection is stressed less and makes multiple pressfitting of contacts into the same conductor plate bore hole easily possible. Unimet produces the punched contacts in various connection combinations, sizes, forms and materials for a wide range of applications. All parts produced are 100% camera-inspected.

These pressfit contacts can be produced and coordinated before series commencement in our own prototype manufacture. The production results are constantly monitored in our own laboratory. State-of-the-art systems and high-precision measuring machines are available for this purpose. The UNIPRESS pressfit zones are resistant against temperature and corrosion.

The solderless contact technology is also an asset under environmental and statutory occupational safety aspects.