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Patented innovation for the most advanced insulation displacement connections

IDC stands for Insulation Displacement Connection, our unique technology, which manufactures a reliable gastight connection between enamelled wire and an insulation displacement terminal. Unimet thus provides what is currently the highest quality technology for contacting enamelled wires.

The patented “Quadra Beam” IDC system consists of four individually operating contact tongues and is designed for contacting various wire diameters. It creates an up to approx. 40% enlarged contact surface in comparison to conventional IDC versions. A gastight connection is created thanks to the constant high contact pressure. The error-free function and the resulting long, stable life cycle of the construction components is hereby ensured. This technology is suitable for manual, and semi and fully automatic contact configurations, and thereby has an enormous impact on time and cost savings in production.




Wire Positioning






Insertion of the IDC-Terminal







Connection process