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Optimised value creation through assembly production

As a system service provider, Unimet supplies complete, hybrid assemblies from a single source. Depending on the customer requirements, these mostly consist of metal and plastic connections. Thanks to our in-house assembly production, we can offer the production of various complete functional units. In service, we offer component assembly and thus provide support to our customers in the ongoing production process. Subsequent processing steps right up until the final product is completed can thus be designed more efficiently.

In closely interwoven system partnerships, we for example integrate moulding technology and automated assemblies in existing process chains. Our customer can thus receive interdisciplinary expertise 'out of the box', which can be found in the form of complex combinations of a multitude of individual parts.

Even during production, all assemblies are under constant quality control. The manufacturing of all assemblies is carried out based on comprehensive and detailed material parts lists and documentation, as well as precise inspection and testing instructions. After completion, our tried and tested quality management is employed once again. This way we can guarantee our customers the highest quality and a long service life, even with these highly complex construction components.