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Producing quality with passion

Industrial clients place extremely high demands on precision punching and bending parts. Rightly so, since these parts play a decisive role in determining the quality of the end products. They are incorporated in their thousands daily into automobiles, electronics, household appliances and much more. Unimet produces more than three billion of them daily.

Quality and precision are the top priorities at Unimet. We have implemented the propagated zero defect strategy to great success. The combination of high-performance tools and top-class machines leads to production lines that feature one hundred percent quality. This is down to Unimet’s methodical approach and is based on the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification.

The materials used are inspected upon goods receipt at our in-house QS laboratory before they are used in production. Here, we painstakingly ensure that measurements are accurate and that the required thicknesses, e.g. for gold or silver coatings, are precisely observed. In the outgoing goods department, quality assurance inspects the finished products and issues a quality certificate before they are sent to the customer.

Our locations are additionally certified in accordance with the environmental management system ISO 14001:2004. This means that we practice a consistent quality management encompassing all process levels. Here, we implement the strictest quality and precision guidelines using the latest generations of reliable measurement technology.

The belief in precision and reliability is also shared by our employees. We rely on a culture of permanent exchange and lateral thinking, of mutually striving for the best solution, but also taking individual responsibility.