Competencies » Development

From precise samples to series maturity in short time

Once the first development phases of the product have been completed, detailed prototypes and samples are required. To speed up the development process, we offer our customers the fast and efficient production of samples, prototypes, preliminary versions and series.

Small and preliminary series are hereby manufactured at a high repeat accuracy with minimal tolerances. Computer-assisted functional simulations provide support to the development work. The furnishings of our prototype construction as well as the technical skills and experiences of our technicians make high-precision assembly possible.

One key technology is the high-performance YAG laser cutter for material thicknesses of 0.01 to 3 mm and a processing accuracy of 0.01 mm. This enables us to process a wide variety of metals and special applications. The laser cutting can be combined with other forming processes.

The development, as well as sample and tool construction, form a significant part of Unimet’s range of services. We combine development and production expertise with work hand in hand with our customer all the way from the initial idea to the finished product. Great emphasis is placed on optimally integrating the prototype construction into our manufacturing process. Samples are produced from the development phase, this is followed by the customer testing phase, computer simulations are created, finally resulting in practice-oriented tools and first-rate products.