Fair and strong together towards success

Our longstanding customer relationships do not just come about by chance. Fostering contacts, listening carefully to the customer, catering to their wishes, understanding their challenges and presenting them with options for optimisation. To always strive to exceed the customer’s expectations with innovative solutions and create something new together. This is our deep understanding of a strong partnership.

Mutual trust is an important foundation of our partnership with suppliers. Only if both partners are reliable is it possible to fulfil customer expectations. We want to continue to develop together with our suppliers and successfully master the challenges that lie ahead with outstanding services.

Our co-operational thinking and actions are not merely limited to customers and suppliers. We also greatly consider the needs of the region, the community, politics and the people in our direct surroundings into our daily activities. Unimet for example always places great emphasis in close cooperation with regional schools and renowned higher education institutions. We are committed to promoting knowledge, education and particularly to nurturing young skilled workers. We view it as a fundamental investment in the future.