Sustainable certified environmental management

At Unimet we see sustainability as responsibly bringing economic and entrepreneurial activities in harmony with our environment. We protect it and see environmental protection as a noble objective to preserve our livelihoods. The observation of the relevant statutory requirements is a matter of course for us. At Unimet, our focus on the environmental protection manifests itself in the following key areas:

• Reducing noise emission
• Ecological water management
• Energy savings
• A positive ecological balance through long-lasting products

Sound-absorbing machine housings and factory ceiling design significantly help to reduce nose emission. Noise transfer into adjacent office areas and especially to the surroundings is prevented by sound-insulated glazing and by our sealed loading bay. In the industrial area, our wastewater is cleaned using an oil separator facility, and thereby fed responsibly into the public canal system. The rainfall on large building spaces and sealed circulation areas is not fed into the canalisation by Unimet GmbH, instead this surface water is fed into a trenching system (“Rigolensystem”), which stores the water quantities and feeds it permeably into the ground. The entire energy consumption of electricity and heating oil in relation to the building space was reduced by approx. 15% in the last 3 years. In no small part thanks to energy-reducing control systems for compressed air, heat recovery in the exhaust air system and a heat exchange with the compressor units for warm water treatment.

Our products guarantee a very long service life thanks to the high quality, the use of highly valuable materials and state of the art manufacturing methods. We are additionally able to augment this positive ecological balance through sustainable manufacturing technologies and responsible disposal processes.

The environmental audit in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 ensures that thanks to our commitment the environment will also get its money’s worth.