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Our principle is mutual success

The foundation of our corporate philosophy is our customers’ satisfaction. The basis of our actions is the mutual respect for customers, employees and suppliers. Honesty, empathy, reliability and well-founded knowledge ensure a fair and cooperative partnership.

Our guiding principle is the corporate philosophy embodied by the company management and by our staff. It provides us with orientation, it guides our actions and provides inspiration for the company group as a whole – nationally and internationally.

Our vision:

The Unimet Group ranks among the top global technology companies in precision punching bending technology. We strive to set trends with innovations designed to change the future. Our technologies and products help to make a sustainable contribution to the success, and to ensure the competitiveness of our customers, and serve to secure the long-term livelihoods of our staff. Based on this vision of our company founder Rudi Kolb, we derive the following core values.

Our values:



To this day, and in future, our partners, the management and all employees commit unreservedly to this view. Taking into consideration the wellbeing of the customers, employees and partners in all decisions, using the natural resources in a careful manner, preserving the value, and continually optimising the processes are and shall remain a personal issue for the shareholders.