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Our experience

Leukert GmbH, located in Kaufbeuren-Neugabolz, has been a 100% subsidiary of the Unimet Company group since 2002. Its application potential and product range ideally complements the corporate group providing up to 400 tonnes of pressing force.

Our core expertise:

• Precise development and production of high-grade and high-performance follow-on composite tools
• The production of highly specialised precision punching bending parts using special press methods
• Intelligent and customer-oriented solutions implemented in development, tool construction and employing the latest technological manufacturing methods
• Production with a high-performance YAG laser cutter

Our services

Leukert has developed into a highly specialised company, particularly in the field of precision punching bending technology. Unique press methods with a force of 400 tonnes make it possible to react specifically to the individual demands of the market. One key technology is the high-performance YAG laser cutter for producing prototypes. This makes it possible to process a wide variety of metals for demanding special applications. Like Unimet, Leukert also offers a quick and efficient production of samples, prototypes and C-parts. Small and preliminary series are hereby manufactured with a high repeat accuracy with minimal tolerances. For the customer, this particularly means cost savings and increased economic viability in the production of its product.

Innovation is the most important key factor for the past, current and future success of the company. Leukert is especially making rapid progress in the field of hybrid technology and E-Mobility and setting new standards on the market.

Our high-tech production

Over almost 2,000 m² of production space, Leukert manufactures high-precision punching parts with 15 high-tech presses for a wide range of product segments. Here, the underlying maxim is always maintaining first-class quality and the greatest degree of precision across all production steps.

Our team

Our 90 motivated and highly qualified staff are committed to delivering the customer the best possible product every single day.

Our customers

The customers of Leukert GmbH are internationally renowned and come particularly from the electronics, telecommunication, drive technology and automobile industries.



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